Author Guidelines

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts prepared in accordance with the stated principles should be submitted through the Dergipark system, together with the CV and ORCID numbers of the author(s). Foreign authors who do not have access to the Dergipark system should send their work via e-mail to

Manuscript Submission Rules

The manuscripts submitted for evaluation to the Journal of Akdeniz University Institute of Social Sciences (AKSOS) must be written in a clear academic language and have a theoretical and methodological background that is clearly and consistently expressed in the text.

Manuscripts submitted to AKSOS should be prepared in the American Psychological Association (APA) 6.0 style in terms of the reference system, footnotes, and bibliography.


must include Turkish title, English title, Turkish abstract (150-200 words), English abstract (150-200 words), Turkish keywords (5 items), English keywords (5 items), introduction, conceptual background, method, analysis/discussion of the findings, conclusion, acknowledgment, and bibliography.


must be compatible with the content. Only the title of the article must be on the articles and abstracts, and the name of the author must not be included. On a separate cover page, authors must state their names, full and full institutional addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses, and ORCID numbers. This information will not be sent to the referees.


in the submitted articles, there must be a maximum of five keywords (both English and Turkish). The name, date, and place of the conferences must be stated in the text if the research was presented prior to submission but not published.

Main Text;

must be written in 12 font size with 1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman font must be used. Although there is no strict limitation on the length of the articles, a maximum of 9000 words is assumed to be an ideal article length. The parts that need to be emphasized in the text should be written in italics, not bold (bold). Quotations must be given in quotation marks, and quotations less than five lines must be written between the lines, and quotations longer than five lines must be written 1.5 cm from the right and left of the line in blocks and 1 point small with 1 line spacing.

Chapter Titles;

must start on the second page with the introduction and be divided into appropriate sections.

Notation and Abbreviations;

must have standard notation and abbreviations of the relevant science field or it should be defined in the first place in the text. Where necessary, notation and abbreviations can be given in the introduction or in a separate section following this section.

Figures and Tables;

all drawings, maps, charts, photos, shapes, etc. must be considered. Figures must be numbered consecutively. These are referred to in the text as “Figure 1.”. A suitable title must be used for each figure and the title must be written under the figure with its number. Tables must be numbered consecutively. A suitable title must be used for each table and this title must be written on the table with its number.

Copyright Transfer Form

While submitting the manuscripts, the authors are also required to upload the “Copyright Transfer Form”.

Ethics Committee Approval

According to the TUBITAK ULAKBIM TR Index Criteria, ethics committee approval must be obtained for all studies in which humans or animals are used as subjects or data sources and must be uploaded to the system during manuscript application. Studies without ethics committee approval will be rejected.

Plagiarism Report

When submitting the manuscript, authors are required to upload plagiarism reports (TURNITIN, ITHENTICATE,, etc.) of the manuscript. AKSOS reserves the right to take another plagiarism report within its own institutional body if deemed necessary.




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