Aims & Scope

Akdeniz University Journal of the Institute of Social Sciences (AKSOS), which is a peer- reviewed and multi-disciplinary academic journal, began to be published in 2017. The journal will be published on a biannual basis (Spring and Autumn issues).


AKSOS strives to be a open-access platform for accumulation and dissemination of social scientific knowledge by publishing original research, review articles, commentaries and book reviews. As a journal published by the Institute of Social Sciences, AKSOS does not restrict published works to a narrow discipline, methodology (quantitative or qualitative) or approach and welcomes all original research from the whole spectrum of social sciences. AKSOS aims to be a open-access platform that publishes exceptionally high-quality, impact articles with rigor and depth in the long run. The AKSOS welcomes original, up-to-date articles from all disciplines in social Sciences and aims to makes contribution to the literature and the field of social sciences by publishing theoretical articles and empirical research in Turkish or English to provide a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and findings.


Areas relevant to the scope of the AKSOS include but not limited to: economics, finance, business management, social policies, labour relations, political Sciences, public administration, intemational relations, international trade and logistics, law, behavioral sciences, history, art history, archaelogy, Turkish language and literature, pedagogy, geography, communication sciences, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, art and design, foreign languages and literatures, linguistics, theology, gender studies, tourism studies, gerontology, sport sciences and gastronomy and culinary arts.




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